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We have two new digital releases from a former member of the famed bolero trio Los Panchos: Julito Rodriguez.

Memorias Para Siempre, Vol. 8 features many beloved classics such as Besame Mucho, Quien Sera, and Quiza, Quiza, Quiza. We especially love their bossa nova take on Tipi Tipi Tin.

La Recompensa is filled with laidback guitars and soothing harmonies. The standout track is their version of El Negro Zumbon titled Anna -- in reference to the the 50s Italian film from which the song originates -- which is bright and dynamic: a subtle burst of energy!

The newest release from Ansonia Records in three decades is finally here! From Colombia's esteemed neo-tropical group Meridian Brothers, we present "Meridian Brothers & El Grupo Renacimiento"!

Vinyl available for purchase on Bandcamp, and streaming available everywhere like Spotify, Apple Music, and Qobuz.

An homage to 70s salsa, the album is filled with danceable rhythms. Read what the NY Times had to say about the album HERE:

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