The iconic Puerto Rican singer, composer, and television personality, Myrta Silva recorded 2 LPs for Ansonia in Mexico City in 1960. This first album, “Camina Como Chencha” is a nod to her character Madame Chencha. Myrta even commissioned the cover art herself from Mexican photographer Carlos Isunza Nieto to depict Chencha. The album is brimming with humor and rhythm, featuring some classic guarachas as well as a number of Myrta Silva originals featuring her playful double entendre lyrics. Streaming now!

The beloved and enduring Puerto Rican Trio Vegabajeño cover bolero classics such as Osvaldo Farres's Tres Palabras, Rafael Hernandez's Perfume de Gardenia, and Pepe Guizar's Sin Ti.

Chuito El De Bayamón is one of the foremost singers of Puerto Rican jíbaro music, and we are excited to re-introduce his third volume with Ansonia Records. It is chock full of upbeat jíbaro tracks and a couple of unexpected boleros that showcase the vocals famously known for influencing legendary salsa singer Héctor Lavoe. Check it out on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or anywhere else you stream.