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"Recordando El Ayer" by Cuban singer Chiquito Socarras is a collection of Cuban classics from the 1920s-1940s. Chiquito sang with Don Azpiazú's orchestra in the 1930s. Azpiazú led the group that introduced Cuban music to the mainstream with the first US Latin hit "El Manisero" (The Peanut Vendor). With this 1974 Ansonia release, Chiquito takes us back to that era with a collection of his faves.

"Vol. 3" by Blanca Iris Villafañe from 1963 presents provocative, moody boleros with bold guitar accompaniments from José Alberto Jiménez, Jorge Renán, Nieves Quintero and the legendary Yomo Toro.

Claudio Ferrer was one of the most prolific Puerto Rican composers, with over 600 songs to his name performed by the likes of El Gran Combo, Sonora Matancera, Rafael Cortijo, and Daniel Santos. His work with Ansonia headliners Cuarteto Marcano and Cuarteto Mayarí inspired this recording with his own bolero-based, harmony-rich group, Cuarteto Claudio Ferrer.

Available now to stream and download on all digital platforms.

"Yayo was one of the great voices to emerge from Puerto Rico in the post-war Latin music scene in New York City. A multifaceted vocalist who could interpret everything from romantic boleros to up-tempo son montunos, as well as other Latin Caribbean rhythms like merengue, plena, guaracha, guaguancó, and even calypso. Yayo's impeccable talent was his natural ability to sing and emanate with an incredible range that few singers could ever emulate."

-Jhensen Ortiz

This 1959 album showcasing Yayo's vocal range across different Latin rhythms is now available to stream on all platforms.

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