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Luis Miranda, born December 25, 1925 in the “Barrio Tomás de Castro” section of Caguas, Puerto Rico, is a trovador (troubadour). As a young boy, he would join the parrandas (group of people going house to house singing folkloric songs), singing and improvising. His career began singing on Don Rafael Quiñones Vidal’s radio program “Tribuna del Arte,” where he won first prize each consecutive week for an entire year, earning him the nickname “El Pico de Oro de Puerto Rico” (The Golden Peak of Puerto Rico).


His first recordings were with Maso Rivera’s conjunto and later with Claudio Ferrer. He recorded five albums for Ansonia beginning with this one in 1984, recorded with Nieves Quintero y sus Campesinos.


Luis Miranda remained in Puerto Rico, living with his family in the same neighborhood he was born  in Caguas until his death in 2014. His home now serves as a museum, “Casa del Trovador Luis Miranda 'Pico de Oro'” promoting and preserving “trova” music and its history.

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