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From Bogotá, Colombia, Meridian Brothers is a contemporary neo-tropicalista group founded in 1998 from the interests of Eblis Álvarez (composer and multi-instrumentalist) as a musical laboratory for a small audiences and distributed at the time in cassette format.

Starting in 2007, the project became a live act formed by a group university friends: María Valencia (wind instruments, percussion and keyboards), Eblis Álvarez (vocals, guitar and direction), Mauricio Ramírez who joined the band in 2016, replacing Damián Ponce (Drums), Alejandro Forero (keyboards), César Quevedo (bass) and in sound engineering, Alejandro Araujo (replacing Juan Camilo Montañéz).

The style of Meridian Brothers is part of the neo-tropicalista movement in Colombia taking place at the beginning of the 21st century. The roots of the group can be found in the ephemeral Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato project, where its members (Eblis Álvarez among them) dedicated to experiment with influences from traditional Colombian music such as vallenato, cumbia, Bullerengue, ‘palenquero’ sextet format, ‘Gaita’ format, etc.

Meridian Brothers proposes an experimental line of these origins with an ever-changing, very personal and histrionic proposal. The first recordings (“El Advenimiento del Castillo mujer”– 2005/2014 La Distritofónica/Discrepant, “Meridian Brothers VI” – 2009 La Distritofónica, “Meridian Brothers VII” 2011 La Distritofónica) focused on the search for sound paths with diverse unconventional formats within an electro-acoustic direction.

Since the album “Desesperanza” – 2012 Soundway, Meridian Brothers has systematically structured their style, drawing inspiration from references from traditional Colombian (and Latin American) discography in a detailed way. The records after "Desesperanza" (see discography) focus on a particular style of the traditional discographic history, and format it in a postmodern and futuristic 'recreation' of each reference. Cumbia with electric guitar, vallenato, Latin funk/rock, salsa, traditional accordion music, music for electric organ, are among the styles developed by the band prior to 2021.

For their 2022 release, Meridian Brothers collaborated with El Grupo Renacimiento in Bogota's Isaac Newton studios to capture their "fantasy salsa dura” sound. Although the group came out of myth, its members have been created in spirit. Embodied by Meridian Brothers and depicted in the graphic creations of illustrators Glenda Torrado and Mateo Rivano, the members of El Grupo Renacimiento have now come to life. The album excavates the forgotten sounds of the fantastical 1970s salsa dura group El Grupo Renacimiento. The group identifies as “B-class” salsa whose music explores human struggles in the urban city landscape, with themes such as police brutality, social marginalization, and addiction.

Their newest album "Mi Latinoamérica Sufre" is a concept album whose sonic footprint was born from the desire to explore the untapped potential of the electric guitar in a tropical Latin context. The record draws inspiration from the chiming, clear-toned and intricately rhythmic traditions of African highlife and soukous guitar band music, sounds that are as popular at coastal Colombian picó sound system dances as they are on their home turf in Africa.

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