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Myrta Blanca Silva Oliveras was known simply as Myrta Silva and was more affectionately called “La Gordita De Oro” (‘The Little Chubby Golden One’) when she was young, for both her full figure and her success in all entertainment ventures from an early age. She was known throughout Latin America, while still only in her 20s, as “Reina De La Guaracha” (‘Queen Of The Guaracha’) because of her royal domination of the spicy Cuban guaracha genre.

Although she died at the relatively young age of 64, Myrta Silva is remembered with fondness and pride by many Latin music fans for her multiple achievements, humanitarian efforts, courageous spirit and self-reliant creativity during her 50 year career. She was one of the greatest singer-songwriters born on “La Isla Del Encanto” (Puerto Rico) and surpassed many milestones in her male-dominated sphere of show business, proving to be an inspiration, in particular to Latina women, for her outspokenness, can-do attitude and business savvy.

-Pablo Yglesias

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