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New release: Frankie Figueroa y su Orquesta La Madre / Tu Solo Tu (1976)

This collector's item for any salsa lover is now available digitally on all platforms.

"Though the record remained obscure during the 1970s and became a bargain bin cutout by the 1990s, it slowly gained a reputation over the years, especially in Colombia, where it was bootlegged and the original vinyl goes for top dollar. And thankfully now, for today’s digital audience, Ansonia Records has gone into the vaults to reissue this masterpiece of salsa dura, remastered for the first time from the original studio tapes in all its heavy duty glory, marking a very important chapter in Mister Estilo’s long and distinguished career." - Pablo Yglesias.

Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and all other digital streaming platforms.

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