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Isabel Priscilla Flores (b. July 8, 1927, in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico) was one of the prominent female musica jíbara singers of Puerto Rico, along with her friend Ernestina “La Calandria” Reyes. It was, in fact, through La Calandria, in 1950, that she became a regular guest singing on the radio program “Alegrías Campesinos” for WKAQ in Puerto Rico. From there, she joined beloved jíbaro Ramito on his radio program, where she gained some acclaim. In 1956, she had her radio program on WVJP in Caguas, PR, which afforded her the opportunity to tour in the US, particularly NYC, where in 1964, she eventually recorded “Navidad” for Ansonia, her first and only solo album. She later recorded an album with Johnny El Bravo for the Borinquen label in the late 1970s. She remained active until the 1980s when a cancer diagnosis prevented her from continuing in her musical pursuits, eventually passing away in January of 1986.

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