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Trio Matamoros is one of the most important trova (acoustic troubadour) groups in the history of Cuban music. Their recordings and compositions were extremely popular, and their influence is evident not only in Cuba, but in other Latin countries as well. Their integration of certain structural elements of son, guaracha and bolero into the more lyrical trova would in turn spur the development of the bolero-son and of immensely popular romantic trios like Mexico’s Los Panchos. Trio Matamoros’ sound was traditional yet effortlessly refreshing, intuitive and without affectation; it was infused with unique regional flavors and was very Cuban as a whole, while simultaneously maintaining an international appeal, which made them true ambassadors of Cuban culture across the globe. Their popularity can also be attributed to their simple and catchy melodies, clear and natural harmonies, and poetic yet comprehensible lyrics drawing on everyday subject matter that was relatable to a variety of audiences around the world.

-Pablo Yglesias

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