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The Trio Vegabajeño is a historically important musical ensemble from Puerto Rico. The group follows the traditional format of the trio bolero ensemble that spread extensively in Latin America, and in the Latin-American communities in the US. Trio Vegabajeño started in 1943 and had a long trajectory until the 1980s. Within the popularity of the trios, they were considered ambassadors of Puerto Rico. During World War II the economy of Puerto Rico was changing from more agricultural life to a more industrial one, reflected by the migration to the bigger cities. The soundtrack during this historical time was the Trio Vegabajeño. When Benito De Jesús (one of the founding members) moved to the capital, San Juan, he was invited to participate with his guitar in an already established duo with Fernandito Álvarez and Octavio Gonzáles. From this collaboration, the Trio Vegabajeño was born. The group's members changed throughout its run, with only Fernandito Álvarez remaining as the original member.

-José Luis Puerta

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