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Gabriel Eladio Peguero Vega was born March 18, 1920, in Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother. He is known professionally as "Yayo El Indio" after his grandfather, who went by "Yayo" and his grandmother "el Indio" (the Indian) believed to be of Arawak descent. He was one of the great voices to emerge from Puerto Rico in the post-war Latin music scene in New York City. A multifaceted vocalist who could interpret everything from romantic boleros to up-tempo son montunos, as well as other Latin Caribbean rhythms like merengue, plena, guaracha, guaguancó, and even calypso. Yayo's impeccable talent was his natural ability to sing and emanate with an incredible range that few singers could ever emulate.

-Jhensen Ortiz

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